4th EDITION | 21.–24.11. 2024
Sailing stormy waters - Together again

A very important free online Psychodrama Conference/Event starts in three days. This project (The Great Arca Project – 16-17-18-19 November), in which I participated as a workshop leader, has been initiated by Wilma Scategni/Italy together with Maite Pi/ Spain, Maurizio Gasseau/Italy and Jorge Burmeister-Petullá/Spain and Switzerland in 2021 as a response to the COVID Pandemic but also to other collective trauma which endanger our survival, in particular the climate catastrophe. It is inspired by the Granada summer academy and its value of humanity which we share with IAGP and FEPTO.

For all large groups, you must register on the website. It would be appropriate to register for the small group workshops you want to attend by sending an e-mail to the group leaders.