IAGP 50th anniversary | 24.+25. Juni 2023 | Zürich

50 Years and Beyond – Group Competence for a World in Conflict

Flyer IAGP      Programm + Anmeldung

Saturday, 24 June

50 years and beyond

9:00 – Short Sociometric Start.
Deniz Altınay: Chair of Celebration Committee, Anastasia Golema: Board Member.
Introduction Speech.
Heloisa Fleury: IAGP President

History of IAGP – Honoring the 50 Years.
Grete Leutz: President of Amsterdam Congress, Jorge Burmeister: Former President of IAGP

Welcome Former Presidents 
Cristina Martinez: Vice President, Dena Baungartner: Senior Executive Member, Nilüfer Demirhan: Young Executive Member, Marcia Honig: Transcultural Section

Theater / Artistic Experience for IAGP. (30 Minutes)
Anastasia Golema (IAGP Board Member) and her team.

Break, 20 minutes

11:00 – Parallel sessions (please select one)

Psychodrama Workshop:     Susanne Kunz-Mehlstaub and Deniz Altınay.

Group Analysis Workshop:   Regina Scholz and Ruedi Balmer.

Group Processes Workshop:  Bruno Chevolet, Roberta Mineo and Sandra Vogel

Lunch break, 1 hour, 10 minutes

13:40 – IAGP History / Legacy and Future. Large Group for Peace, Common Values, Strength of the Group (Group Analysis)
Konstantinos Liolios: Chair Group Analytic section & Elisabeth Rohr, Foulkes Award lecturer 2014

Break, 20 minutes

15:30 – Bridges from the Past to the Future, Appreciating and Hoping. Closing and Reflections (Sociodrama)
Ursula Hauser, Prize Winner Swiss Professional Psychologist Association (SBA), Ex IAGP Board Member & Stylianos Lagarakis, IAGP Board Member

Closing at 17:00

Sunday, 25 June

Invitation for an Encounter: Windows into IAGP

09:00 – Social Dreaming Matrix (Main Hall) Maurizio Gasseau: Co-chair Educational Committee. and Marina Brinchi, Committee EGATIN

Break, 15 minutes

10:15 – Parallel session 2 (please select one)

Transcultural Aspects of Group Work / Presentation of the Book.
Cristina Martinez-Taboada: Vice President and Marcia Honig: Chair Transcultural Section

Sociometry, Psychodrama & Group Psychotherapy: Reviving Moreno’s Tradition of Open Sessions – Jacob Gershoni: Chair Psychodrama Section

Organizational Development and Team Building
Adrian Hofstede: Committee Organizational Consultancy Section and Simon McLellan: Chair Organizational Consultancy Section

Break, 15 minutes

12:00 – Parallel session 3 (please select one)

The Importance of Expressive Arts Therapies for Group Work
Magdalene Jeyarathnam: Chair CAOA Committee and Mona Rakhawy: Educational Committee

Group Analytic Dimensions of PeaceAndreas von Wallenberg, IAGP Board Member, Member D3G

Collective Trauma, Social Unconscious and Group Work / Round Table   Moderator: Deniz Altınay: Chair of Celebration Committee and Board member of IAGP. Participants: Robi Friedman: Former President of GASI, Caner Bingöl: Chair of Trauma Disaster Committee of IAGP, Richard Beck: Former President of IAGP, Earl Hopper: Former President of IAGP, Elisabeth Rohr, Foulkes Award lecturer 2014 & Regina Scholz, Foulkes Award lecturer 2022.

Break, 15 minutes

13:45 – Farewell and Meeting in the Future – A World for the Future of IAGP (Main Hall)

Lunch and Social Activities Break, 14:15 – 18:30




18:30-19:30: Open (Public) Sociodrama in front of the Opera House – Bellevue.
Ursula Hauser & Stylianos Lagarakis, IAGP Membership Committee

IAGP 50th Anniversary Task Force

Committee Members:
Chair: Deniz Altinay, Psych. M.A., Psychodrama TP. Board member of IAGP
Organization Consultant: Jorge Burmeister Former President of IAGP
Consultant: Marco Greco, President of Moreno Institute
Members: Adriana Piterbarg, Stylianos Lagarakis, Anastasia Golema, Simon McLellan (technical support).

Local Organizational Committee:
Jorge Burmeister, Susanne Kunz-Mehlstaub, Ursula Hauser, Roger Schaller President of the Swiss Psychodrama Association