“Call for Creation!” – New Visions for a Collective Future

The 8th International Sociodrama Conference
26-30 JUNE 2024, BUDAPEST

The International Sociodrama Conference Network invites you to the 8th Sociodrama Conference which will take place in June 2024 in Budapest, Hungary.

Everybody from all over the globe using the Morenian method for community, organization and social intervention are welcome to share their practice, learn and exchange ideas, participate in local actions, and especially to work sociodramatically on the main theme of the conference:

“How can communities imagine and create new futures?” – Read more about the theme of the conference…

Art, Practice and Research in Sociodrama. The conference will focus on 9 main areas where sociodrama can have an impact on the formation of the future. and in which participants can submit their abstracts:

  1. Sociodrama and the development of creative collectives – local and transnational sociodramatic communities and networks
  2. Sociodrama and social healing – recovery from collective crises and collective trauma
  3. Sociodrama and ecology – environmental issues and relationships between organisms, including humans, and their living context
  4. Sociodrama and education – raising the next generation: sociodrama of children and young people, and the professionals and institutions working with them
  5. Sociodrama and power – the future of democratic values
  6. Sociodrama and different social groups – the strenghts of communities
  7. Sociodrama and organisational development, team coaching and training
  8. Sociodrama and technology – the connections of the future?
  9. Sociodrama and …. other!!!

The main spot of the conference will be the European Youth Centre Budapest, a spacious venue founded by the Council of Europe.
The building with its meeting and conference rooms, restaurant area and bedrooms has a capacity of up to 300 people for events and can accommodate up to 140 overnight guests.
The Sociodrama Conference is a non-profit event. The registration fees cover the organizational costs of the conference.